Creating Your Plan

During the Create Process of the LeSaint 360logic process, we explore and identify each activity and management initiative that will ultimately lead to a smooth, efficient product flow through every stage of your supply chain.

The Building Blocks

Product Flow Mapping

This establishes a baseline for your logistics plan, and unifies expectations for what the plan needs to achieve.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Analysis

LeSaint's internal operations management conducts in-depth discussions on all stages of your supply chain and develops best case solutions and scenarios.

Alignment of Supply Chain Points

All supply chain points must work in concert to ensure a smooth flow of product. The LeSaint team analyzes the details of every major supply point and begins to connect each point of the solution.

Technology Needs Analysis

Once all product flow is mapped, information technology needs are determined so that all processes can be streamlined and supported with real-time accountability and visibility.

The 360logic Solution

You receive a thorough, well-thought-out plan carefully vetted by our logistics engineers and operational management team and customized specific to your logistics needs.