Implementing Your Solution

Once you have approved your LeSaint 360logic solution, the Implement Process begins. During this carefully planned series of onboarding activities, LeSaint works closely with your team to bring your logistics plan to life.

Onboarding Process Steps

Project Kickoff

All key stakeholders from LeSaint and your organization meet to exchange knowledge, isolate and prioritize major milestones, and set expectations.

Scope of Work (SOW)

The goals of this stage include documenting each task to be completed in the onboarding process, establishing a project road map, and ensuring all parties are in agreement.

Project Plan

The detailed project plan will be completed during this stage. Task responsibilities are assigned, due dates are established, and ongoing progress meets are scheduled.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

During this phase, we establish standard procedures for warehousing, transportation and administration functions and map all activities to ensure consistency in operations.

Technology Implementation

This stage focuses on collaboration with your IT team to design and implement an optimal solution for data exchange, including EDI implementation when possible.

Product Receipt

This final phase of onboarding is focused on designing a plan for the movement of your product to avoid or minimize shipping downtime and create a seamless transition to LeSaint facilities.