Our commitment to supply chain advancement


Through the advance stage of our 360logic process, we have developed an annual event for our customers that market and distribute in the retail sector. The 360Advance Leaders Forum offers an overarching focus on trends shaping retail supply chain excellence. Along with other senior executives from our retail-related customers, this exciting forum provides our non-competing customer companies the opportunity to network, interact, and shape future supply chain strategies.

Guests of LeSaint get a unique chance to network and learn through leader-to-leader interactions and forward-looking presentations from business experts from within the industry. This invitation-only group will engage in exclusive discussions addressing success strategies that leading retail supply chain companies are planning and implementing, both today and in the future.

It’s all part of our commitment for advancing supply chain performance, success, and efficiencies with activities. As an example, a prior event focused on:

  • Exploring important trends in retail supply chain
  • Identifying the business and technology factors that will shape future success
  • Growing your toolkit of executive resources and tools