We Know Chemical

With a wide range of materials requiring special handling and a strict regulatory environment, the chemical industry presents unique logistics management challenges. With specially trained employees and managers, Hazmat certified drivers and the right warehousing and transportation equipment, LeSaint has the know-how to manage your chemical logistics safely and cost-effectively while limiting your facility liability. LeSaint has deep experience in specialty chemicals logistics. We handle both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and stay on top of government regulations and industry best practices.

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Chemical Know How
  • NACD Certified
  • Strategic locations; both dedicated and shared
  • Storage of regulated and non-regulated classes
  • Emergency contingency plans
  • Local, state, and federal reporting
  • Full-time health, safety and compliance staff
  • Hazmat training: IATA, DOT, 49 CFR, HazWoper, IMDG
  • Hazmat certified drivers
  • Raw materials and finished goods management to the batch/lot level