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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)


The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is faced with one of the most dynamic supply chain environments imaginable. With the advent of same-day/next-day delivery as the industry standard, operating in a truly Omni-channel fulfillment environment is the new reality. 

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Extensive CPG Experience

Companies in the CPG and retail sector need smart, capable partners to help them control their costs and find efficiencies. We're up to the challenge of evolving along with the changes in retail fulfillment."

- Brian Smith, Director of CPG and Retail Operations

The CPG industry is the primary industry that the Port-to-Home solution is geared towards.


Get goods to market faster with LeSaint's Port-to-Home Supply Chain Solution for the CPG industry.  Whether you import raw materials or semi-finished goods from overseas, or simply need a faster supply chain that enables same-day, next-day order shipping, put LeSaint's Port-toHome network to work for you.

LeSaint has created a unique set of solutions specific to CPG Manufacturers and the retail environments they operate in.

Put LeSaint's Extensive Experience to Work for You.

LeSaint has extensive experience in delivering to major retail chains, retailer distribution centers (DC’s), and direct-to consumer (e-commerce), including knowledge and best practices for avoiding retailer compliance penalties.  From labeling to returned inventory management, we understand the importance of fast, flexible deliveries to retailers and consumers.

Webinar: Supply Chain & Transportation Play Crucial Role in Smart Home Success

The Smart Home technology category is set to surpass $19 billion in the US this year, according to Statista, which expects market volume to exceed $34 billion by 2022. The excitement around this technology has more manufacturers of traditional home products looking for ways to incorporate smart home features into their offerings.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How key features & product enhancements are making traditional housewares & other consumer goods ‘smart home ready’. We will also share all you need to know about how supply chains and transportation networks are evolving in the smart home technology arena. Finally you will see how you can take advantage of this fast-growing industry by making key changes to your supply chain and transportation.

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Blueair and LeSaint create a CPG supply chain in perfect tune with empowered, educated consumers.

Educated, health-conscious consumers drive a different kind of supply chain

Learn how online information, monitoring technologies, consumer self-education about allergens and other topics are driving Blueair to create a different kind of supply chain

Achieve exceptional supply chain performance

Discover how the Blueair-LeSaint partnership has resulted in 100% customer returns putaway timeliness, 99.88% inventory unit accuracy and much more