For most Durable Goods manufacturers, finding efficiencies and points of integration across their supply chain and manufacturing operations is key to creating a great customer experience, while at the same time, controlling costs.

Durable Goods Solutions

At LeSaint, we've designed a unique set of solutions specific to manufacturing environments and the supply chain operations to support them:

  • Network design and optimization
  • Inventory management, including innovative labor solutions
  • Transportation solutions, including lineside delivery (ie. inbound-to-manufacturing) as well as outbound delivery
  • 360Logic™, our proprietary methodology and process for ensuring continuous improvement and advancement across the logistics network

Trends & Insights

Download our Supply Chain Labor White Paper for trends and insights into the supply chain

Emergency Transportation

LeSaint's freight brokerage solution gets GP Pump's goods into stores when natural disasters strike

Webinar: Supply Chain & Transportation Play Crucial Role in Smart Home Success

The Smart Home technology category is set to surpass $19 billion in the US this year, according to Statista, which expects market volume to exceed $34 billion by 2022. The excitement around this technology has more manufacturers of traditional home products looking for ways to incorporate smart home features into their offerings.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How key features & product enhancements are making traditional housewares & other consumer goods ‘smart home ready’. We will also share all you need to know about how supply chains and transportation networks are evolving in the smart home technology arena. Finally you will see how you can take advantage of this fast-growing industry by making key changes to your supply chain and transportation.


Customer service levels soar by integrating manufacturing and distribution

Fulfilling a mission dedicated to customer satisfaction

Northcape Furniture needed to have consistent, outstanding customer service and best-in-class manufacturing and logistics operations that keeps lead times to a minimum for customers

Outsourcing logistics; integration between manufacturing and distribution deliver big results

Discover how the NorthCape-LeSaint partnership resulted in a 50% reduction in the backlog of past-due orders and a 15% productivity improvement in outdoor cushion manufacturing