FRS Energy: Food & Beverage Case Study

Need a healthy supply chain from the inside out? Check out how FRS has done with, partnering with LeSaint.

As FRS’ business began to grow, its order volume skyrocketed. Its supply chain practices, however, lagged behind and began to buckle under the weight of the company’s rapid growth. Shipments were delayed, and product was getting damaged in transit. The company needed an additional shipping facility, improved packaging practices, and increased visibility into the supply chain. FRS needed a comprehensive solution – and needed it fast.

  • CLIENT FRS Energy
  • INDUSTRYFood & Beverage
  • CHALLENGEOrder volumes were skyrocketing, and the supply chain could not keep up with the rapid growth necessary for timely and accurate fulfillment
  • SOLUTIONA new supply chain network design, decentralizing shipping locations and engaging employees to find ways to reduce lead times created dramatic reductions in shipment transit times
  • RESULTS15% Projected Overall Annual Savings;
    30% Reduction in Miles Driven for LTL Shipments;
    Reduction in Travel Times to Customers;
    Elimination of Product Damage During Packaging and Shipping
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