Golden Technologies: Product Customization

Slash shipping times and increase sales the way Golden Technololgies and LeSaint have together.

In an effort to increase its sales and improve service to its retailer customers, Golden Technologies introduced an express shipment program to its warehouse, which distributes lift chairs. The new program enables the fulfillment of more than a dozen models of lift chairs with thirteen different fabric options to be ordered and shipped in 48 hours or less. Golden not only developed intelligent solutions, but also gained a partner with LeSaint Logistics, that, at a moment’s notice, can field phone calls and questions from customers and accommodate warehouse facilities tours.

  • CLIENT Golden Technologies
  • INDUSTRYDurable Goods
  • CHALLENGEMeeting stringent retailer requirements by shipping products within 48 hours or less.
  • SOLUTIONBetter organized inventory and warehousing processes, which translate into better customer service, more efficient delivery and a happier retailer and dealer network.
  • RESULTSWell-managed Inventory Cycle that Maximizes the Speed of Product Delivery;
    Improved Customer Service Including a Happier Dealer Network;
    Better Organized Warehouse Inventory that Meets and Exceeds 48-hour Shipping Deadline
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