Turtle Wax: An Integrated Supply Chain Case Study

Learn how Turtle Wax and LeSaint are bringing sparkle and luster to the supply chain.

Turtle Wax produces a widely recognized brand of car care products available in over 70 countries. Distributing over 6.5 million cases of products per year, Turtle Wax does a great deal of cross docking, specifically for automotive retail chains. This often requires special placarding on pallets and the ability to fill odd quantities. In 2009, Turtle Wax turned to LeSaint Logistics. Today, LeSaint provides a comprehensive supply chain solution; a solution with the polish, know-how and commitment to deliver consistent service to Turtle Wax’s customers.

  • CLIENT Turtle Wax
  • INDUSTRYConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • CHALLENGEDespite using 2 large third-party logistics (3PL) providers, Turtle Wax's fill rates were not being met, there were delays in product delivery, customer service was inadequate, and overall, costs were escalating.
  • SOLUTIONIn 2009, Turtle Wax turned to LeSaint Logistics, who has the experience needed to work with chemicals and and managing retailer requirements, both major differentiators for the logistics provider.
  • RESULTS22% Reduction in Retailer Chargebacks;
    Significant Supply Chain Cost Savings;
    Increased Customer Satisfaction;
    Increased Visibility Using KPI's and Supply Chain Reporting
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