Tap into a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions executed with efficiency and accuracy by LeSaint. Explore warehousing, fulfillment and transportation solutions from the menu below.

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

Management and execution of orders to all channels -- from DC’s to retail locations to consumers -- via all transportation modes

Subscription Box Fulfillment

The management and fulfillment of orders at key replenishment intervals based on customized needs and parameters

Network Design

Management and optimization of a logistics network, especially to enable delivery to new, changing channels


Flexible, scalable labor, processes and technology for comprehensive inventory management and fulfillment

Inventory Management

The management of inventory from receiving to shipping 24/7 and leveraging technology enables


LeSaint’s proprietary, proven process for exacting quality, continuous improvement, and supply chain advancement


Management of all transportation modes - from Truckload, Less-than-Truckload, Rail and others - across the supply chain

Retail-Ready Configuration

Product configuration and value-added services to meet diverse specifications for retailers, consumers or B2B

Port-to-Home Supply Chain

Innovative solutions serving CPG manufacturers who distribute goods across the US, Canada and North America

Freight Brokerage

Contractual and/or spot market procurement of transportation capacity and services across all modes of transportation

Returns & Refurbishment

The reverse flow of orders back into the warehouse for assessment, recycling, refurbishment or destruction.

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