360Logic™ is LeSaint’s proprietary, proven process for exacting quality, continuous improvement, and supply chain advancement across its client operations.

Let LeSaint’s five pivotal phases of 360Logic™ - Discover, Create, Implement, Perform, and Advance - take your supply chain performance to levels you never thought possible.

Efficiencies, Accuracy, Success

"We work to continuously improve your warehousing operations, we look for unique storage methods,we find better ways of product handling, follow best practices, and look for investment opportunities that will lead to improvements and savings."

-Dan Harmon VP of Operations

Discovering Your Potential

Information exchange is vital to uncovering – and understanding – all the variables that affect the movement of your product. That’s why the first step in the LeSaint Logistics 360Logic™ process is the Discover Process.

Explore the Discover Process

During this critical phase, we discuss, probe and question in order to capture a true, complete picture of your warehouse and inventory needs – as well as the transportation requirements that support efficient delivery. Every aspect of your supply will be analyzed including:

  • Sourcing of product
  • Sales channels
  • Customer requirements
  • Warehouse demands
  • Inventory profile
  • Transportation
  • Technologies
  • Value-added services

We Build Your Unique Customer Profile

Through this analysis, we build a thorough Customer Profile that identifies the specific demands of your current as well as future supply chain program and allows us to move forward to create solutions.

Product Sourcing

Whether your raw materials are brought in by sea, rail or truck, LeSaint looks at the most efficient and cost-effective method of bringing them into a production facility and maximizing efficiencies in both product touch and transportation.

Sales Channel Alignment

Understanding the demands on the timing and delivery of your products allows us to strategically structure your product movement and optimize how it is managed, controlled and shipped.

Warehouse Structuring

We analyze your current product footprints to uncover how well your current demands are being met and address any issues with insufficient warehouse space, seasonal fluctuations, and new market needs.

Inventory Profiling

We investigate all areas of your inventory to assess reporting and tracking requirements – from number of SKUs and turns per year to how inventory is received and what type of storage density is expected.

Scope Determination

Determining headcounts, staffing and footprint requirements starts with detailed insight into core issues such as demand for kitting or repackaging, how orders are filled, and the impact of season cycles.

Transportation Fulfillment

What are your distribution requirements? Are product shipments national or regional? What modes of transportation and service levels are required? By focusing on the best economies of scale, we can better help you meet customer demands.

Technology Integration

We explore your technology capabilities to find the best solutions for enhancing real-time inventory management and transportation tracking, from plugging into our software solutions to improving the integration of your own technologies.

Value Added

We think beyond the delivery and housing of products to determine if there are other services that can save you time and money – and uncover novel ways to create the best supply chain program.

Creating Your Plan

During the Create Process of the LeSaint 360Logic™ process, we explore and identify each activity and management initiative that will ultimately lead to a smooth, efficient product flow through every stage of your supply chain.

The Building Blocks

Product Flow Mapping

This establishes a baseline for your logistics plan, and unifies expectations for what the plan needs to achieve.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Analysis

LeSaint's internal operations management conducts in-depth discussions on all stages of your supply chain and develops best case solutions and scenarios.

Alignment of Supply Chain Points

All supply chain points must work in concert to ensure a smooth flow of product. The LeSaint team analyzes the details of every major supply point and begins to connect each point of the solution.

Technology Needs Analysis

Once all product flow is mapped, information technology needs are determined so that all processes can be streamlined and supported with real-time accountability and visibility.

The 360 Logic™ Solution

You receive a thorough, well-thought-out plan carefully vetted by our logistics engineers and operational management team and customized specific to your logistics needs.

Implementing Your Solution

Once you have approved your LeSaint 360Logic™ solution, the Implement Process begins. During this carefully planned series of onboarding activities, LeSaint works closely with your team to bring your logistics plan to life.

Onboarding Process Steps


Project Kickoff

All key stakeholders from LeSaint and your organization meet to exchange knowledge, isolate and prioritize major milestones, and set expectations.

Scope of Work (SOW)

The goals of this stage include documenting each task to be completed in the onboarding process, establishing a project road map, and ensuring all parties are in agreement.

Project Plan

The detailed project plan will be completed during this stage. Task responsibilities are assigned, due dates are established, and ongoing progress meets are scheduled.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

During this phase, we establish standard procedures for warehousing, transportation and administration functions and map all activities to ensure consistency in operations.

Technology Implementation

This stage focuses on collaboration with your IT team to design and implement an optimal solution for data exchange, including EDI implementation when possible.

Product Receipt

This final phase of onboarding is focused on designing a plan for the movement of your product to avoid or minimize shipping downtime and create a seamless transition to LeSaint facilities.

Setting Your Performance in Motion

During the Perform Process of your 360Logic™ solution, LeSaint begins all daily logistics activities and management initiatives outlined in your plan contract – and puts your new supply chain into motion.

Key Performance Stages


Day-to-Day Operations Begin

All supply chain services are fully operational - with LeSaint moving products in and out of our facility, conducting daily transactions, fulfilling orders, and charging contract-related fees.

Initial Engineering Monitoring

LeSaint engineering stays closely engaged with your contract activities in the first 4 to 6 weeks, to ensure your plan is working at the right product volumes, labor allotments, fulfillment activities and transportation flow - and make any needed adjustments.

CSR Engaged in Daily Communication

The engagement of your Customer Service Representative begins immediately - providing access to immediate information on all areas of your account activity.

Ongoing Business Reviews

At the core of the Perform Process are ongoing business reviews to ensure that all your needs as well as any required changes to your plan are addressed in a timely manner. We conduct three types of reviews: Periodic Business Reviews (PBR), Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) and Annual Business Reviews (ABR).

Advancing Your Success

The Advance Process of 360Logic™ is driven by LeSaint Logistics' proactive culture – which seeks continual improvement for our customers’ logistics initiatives. We continually analyze the end-to-end performance of your program to isolate areas where services could be enhanced, find plan adjustments that can help lower costs, and consider how to address your future supply chain needs.

The Benefits of the Advance Process

Our goal is to drive your logistics activities to their highest performance measures.

Creative, Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Our culture is driven by innovative people who openly share ideas and opinions to create better efficiencies for your supply chain.

Synergistic Support

We rely on close communication between your company and ours to maintain the best logistical program for your needs.

Ongoing, End2End Analysis

We put special care into developing custom solutions based on your contract results - from altering storage solutions to finding better transportation strategies for on-time delivery.

Better Transportation Efficiencies

Our transportation and brokerage group works hard to leverage every product movement to your advantage.

Future Needs Planning

Supply chain needs are always changing. Our open dialogue helps ensure your needs are anticipated and addressed in advance to keep your program at peak performance.

Case Study

National floral and gifts company makes 3PL switch during peak season

"LeSaint was a game-changer for us. We were concerned that changing our 3PL provider would create obstacles, but we couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition. LeSaint…..is a true and transparent partner."

360Logic™with LeSaint

brought a phased approach to the 3PL transition which included:

Phase 1

“Discover, Create, Implement”

Operational transition in the first 90 days

Phase 2

"Implement and Perform"

Moving operations to a LeSaint-run facility

Phase 3


Identifying and implementing operational efficiencies continuously over time