Our operations management can occur within your own facilities

In some cases, it may make better sense if your supply chain activities remain within your own facilities. This scenario usually presents itself when a company has made significant investments in the infrastructure or equipped their building for product storage requirements. In an operational conversion, LeSaint assumes the management of a contract labor force, thus making your logistics operation into employees of LeSaint. In this arrangement, the customer maintains ownership of facility, material handling equipment, IT hardware, etc., with LeSaint taking over all operational duties, tied to the achievement of established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) per the Service Level Agreement.


To enact this type of conversion, LeSaint will walk through a number of steps and processes:
  • Project Plan
  • Interview Tracker
  • Issues Log
  • Cost Tracker
  • Labor Comparison
  • Organizational Review and Restructure

These proven systems have allowed our customers the ability to focus on their core business and have benefited greatly by LeSaint running the entire logistics portion of the business with the efficiencies afforded through the 360logic process.