Omni Channel Order Fulfillment


LeSaint’s Omni-channel order fulfillment solution encompasses the management and execution of customer orders to all channels -- from DC’s to retail locations to consumers --- via all transportation modes.

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment process

As consumers access a brand across multiple digital platforms, LeSaint’s fulfillment process connects each shopping cart purchase, channel and marketplace order to one inventory. Orders are processed at our fulfillment centers the same day they are received.

Orders can be customized for both a branded and unbranded unboxing experience - both on the outside as well as inside the box.  Special attention can be made for your limited quantity items.  We can also customize the unboxing experince that occurs in a consumer’s home for not only single orders, but also recurring subscriptions.  Finally, we can stage B2B orders with custom labels, POP displays, and other services that are needed to get your product to the retailer, ready for sale.

LeSaint utilizes multiple-point fulfillment and our transportation management system to ensure orders arrive at the consumer’s door in 1-2 delivery days through small parcel and LTL routing.   As a transportation broker, we can also take on any special one-off transportation needs you have, providing competitive freight quotes.

We surround the entire omni-channel order fulfillment process with email notifications for order confirmation, shipment confirmations, transit updates as well as other communications to you and your management team.

Omni Channel Fulfillment Solutions Diagram

Our Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment solution is strategically designed to:

Manage Order Complexities:


Facilitate a wide variety of order and SKU complexities

Perform Product Customizations:


Postpone final product customizations closer to the end consumer

Generate efficiencies and cost savings:


Reduce and integrate touch points across the supply chain for efficiency and cost savings


Crane & LeSaint deploy an intelligent, flexible solution to rapidly grow global small appliance manufacturer’s e-commerce business.

Dirk NiedermanVice President & Co-Owner at Crane:
“As brick and mortar retailers are shifting purchases to online channels, e-commerce is increasingly important. Lead times are getting shorter and retailer expectations are getting higher. We needed a partner that would provide the level of service that our customers need in a new e-commerce driven economy driven by same-day, next-day consumer expectations”

Learn more about how Crane & LeSaint have teamed up to ship over 850,000 units every year with 100% inventory unit accuracy in the warehouse.