In the Age of the Consumer, it is more important than ever to have a supply chain network designed to reach consumer fast.  That’s why LeSaint has designed it’s Port-to-Home Solution to reach 98% of consumers through same-or-next-day order ship.

Solution Benefits

Companies who implement a Port-to-Home Supply Chain solution receive these key benefits from LeSaint:

Faster Speed to Market

Get goods to retail stores and consumers faster with same-day-next-day order shipments designed to reach the vast majority of consumers FAST.  With LeSaint, you get the distribution control you need without sacrificing speed.


Consolidate the number of providers and touchpoints by bringing transportation and warehousing under one central management structure

Gain Efficiencies

Gain efficiencies through smarter integration of inbound goods + transportation and fulfillment operations + outbound goods + returns.

Network Advancement

Advance your network continuously with LeSaint’s proprietary 360Logic™ program

Visibility and Control

Get more visibility and control with LeSaint’s top of the line technology suite for Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), RF, IT Security


 Facilities ideally suited for the Port-to-Home Supply Chain solution.

LeSaint has established three facilities ideally suited for the Port-to-Home Supply Chain solution based on location for regionalized reach.  Each location is well-established in the local area and have tenured staff. Inbound and outbound transportation and retail-ready configuration are services ready to deploy at any of these locations, as well.


South Carolina

Just a short distance from the Ports Dillon and Greer, Charleston and Savannah; ideally situated to serve JIT and next-day needs all over the SE U.S., including in the Automotive manufacturing corridor

MIDWEST: Romeoville,


With the ability to reach vast populations throughout the Midwest and Mississippi River Valley, this location boasts some of the most automated and innovative models for postponement and fulfillment.

WEST COAST: Fontana,


Ideally situated 60 miles inland from the Port of Long Beach, Fontana is ideal for receiving goods inbound from Asia nearshored from Mexico-based manufacturing.