Retail-Ready Configuration


Retail-ready configuration encompasses a wide variety of product customizations and value-added enhancements to meet the diverse specifications of retailers, consumers or B2B customers.

Value Added Customizations to Fit Your Needs

At LeSaint, we go the extra mile to add value to your products --- products that when delivered on-time and in the form that consumers want, create an amazing customer experience.  That’s why we’ve developed a deep and wide menu of value-added customizations to serve your unique customer needs:




Packaging / Multi-packaging

Shrink wrapping

Retail compliance


Product assembly & sub-assembly

Postponement manufacturing

Quality control inspection & samples

Store-ready pallets

Point-of-Purchase display

Subscription fulfillment

Reconditioning & Refurbishment


Disposal & Destruction

Webinar: Supply Chain & Transportation Play Crucial Role in Smart Home Success

The Smart Home technology category is set to surpass $19 billion in the US this year, according to Statista, which expects market volume to exceed $34 billion by 2022. The excitement around this technology has more manufacturers of traditional home products looking for ways to incorporate smart home features into their offerings.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How key features & product enhancements are making traditional housewares & other consumer goods ‘smart home ready’. We will also share all you need to know about how supply chains and transportation networks are evolving in the smart home technology arena. Finally you will see how you can take advantage of this fast-growing industry by making key changes to your supply chain and transportation.

At LeSaint, we have a deep understanding of what it means to configure and customize products to meet a wide range of consumer and retailer needs.  We’ve built a deep portfolio of retail-ready configuration services for consumer packaged goods manufacturers, or any manufacturer that needs to perform inventory postponement activities prior to the delivery of products to assembly plants, retail settings or direct-to-consumer.


Retail Readiness from a Shared Warehouse

Dispelling the myth that one-size-fits-all for Shared Warehousing

Many CPG manufacturers have long believed that shared warehouse settings meant they had to sacrifice high levels customization to meet product-specific and fulfillment needs. Never has this been more untrue!

Achieve exceptional omni-channel performance

Learn how shelf displays, custom labeling, packaging and other customizations are performed for key CPG manufacturers in a shared warehouse, with diverse fulfillment of finished goods to big box, online & speciality retailers as well as direct-to-consumer