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TechKnow™ Portal

LeSaint TechKnow™ technology suite adapts best-of-breed third-party information technology systems to provide management and reporting throughout the supply chain, with the accountability and visibility you need to streamline your logistics processes. WareTech™ manages all your inbound and outbound shipments, fulfillment and inventory control. For real-time reporting, count on the WareTech™ Portal to provide web-based order and inventory status, customized reporting, and email alerts. Our TransTech™ solution manages your entire transportation processes, from order entry and dispatch through logistics management and settlement. We are continually adding and upgrading technologies to help manage the flow of your products more effectively.

Customers can access all of their supply chain information and reporting by accessing their WareTech™ and TransTech™ data via our TechKnow™ Portal.

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