A single pane of glass for
Transporation Management Activities

All Modes (asset and non-asset based)

Integrates seamlessly with Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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Transporation Management System by LeSaint Logistics


Continuous Improvement & Optimization

  • Better visibility to transportation performance (i.e., delivery data)
  • More business intelligence from comprehensive management reports and dashboards
  • Net Spend
  • 360Logic

Automate Transportation Processes

  • Eliminates manual data or paper-based processes
  • Auto-generate delivery notifications
  • Allows for management by exception
  • Seamless real-time access to portal, data and reports, and document access (i.e., BOL, delivery receipts)

Manage Costs for Consistently

  • Single platform for rate shopping/pricing inquiries (incl. LTL, Parcel)
  • Cost modeling and analysis

Features (Modules)

Planning & Execution Screenshot by LeSaint Logistics

Planning & Execution

  • Shipment optimization/consolidation
  • Individual or broadcast tendering
  • Track & Trace/Exception management
  • Freight Bill Audit & Payment
  • Customizable, built-in routing guides
  • Integration with other logistics technologies, such as WMS, Load Boards, EDI, etc.

Rates Managemnet Screenshot by LeSaint Logistics

Rates Management

  • LTL, TL & Parcel
  • Contracts, -Tariff based, Fixed or Variable
  • Carrier API’s build in
  • Rate comparison/analysis tools

Dashboard & Reports


  • Security by company, role and user
  • Hyperlinks to entities within the application
  • Reports launched within screens in application


  • Standard or Ad-Hoc
  • Pre-scheduled for automated ‘push’
  • Report delivery by FTP server, as email attachments or written on network directory